Samples of Wedding Memory/Ring Cushions (from 20.00 Euro)
Wedding Memory Cushion with embroidered details of the special event. Pearl Pins also provided if cushion is to be used as Ring Cushion on the Wedding Day. The details can be personalised to suit the couple's own personal taste.


Sample of Wedding Gift Set (from 80.00 Euro)
These Wedding Gift Sets are proving extremely popular.
Consisting of the following:
Ring Cushion as above mentioned. Bath Towel-Embroidered intertwined initials of the Bride & Groom, Two Hand Towels embroidered with the names of the Bride & Groom, Two Face Cloths embroidered with their initials or with embroidered Wedding Bells, Love Teddies holding Two Glasses.


Sample of Wedding Gift Set (from 90.00 Euro)
 Details as above but with the addition of a Towel with embroidered Wedding Car and addition of Two Face Cloths with the names of the Bride & Groom.


Sample of Wedding Gift Set (from 150.00-200.00)
This Wedding Gift Set includes Two Luxurious Velour White
Dressing Gowns. The Groom's Gown is displayed in a Black Tie Shirt Box and the Bride's Gown is displayed to the front in a matching black/white hat box.  There can be many additions to this sample e.g. Flute Glasses, Velour Slippers, additional Towels with various designs, Memory Cushion.

Sample of Bridal Set
This Bridal Set includes Dressing Gowns, Towels, Slippers for the Bridesmaids. A Ring Cushion for the Wedding Day with all the relevant details.


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