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U Name It... and I'll Embroider It!






My objectives for My Business are:

To provide my customers with Unique Gifts designed to suit their own individual tastes.

All my Design Gifts are ''a la carte'',  designed to order hence, no two gifts are alike. They  all have  their own  individuality.

To have total confidence in what I am doing in my opinion is the secret to success.
To give my customers, that little something that will last a lifetime.




My Gifts are divided into different categories, listed to the left hand side.  Whether you are looking

for a  gift for a Newborn Baby, Christening, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Engagement,

Graduation, Mother's  Day, Father's Day or Any Day!!  Celebrate that Special Day with an

Embroidered Gift.  Take your time  browsing through my Design Studio. Please keep in mind that

these are just samples of my designs, there are many, many more to choose from on my entire

collection. If you find what you are looking  for just call or email me at  your convenience. Likewise,

if you do not see anything to suit your ideas, I would welcome the opportunity to try and

locate the specific design for you.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to peruse my website.



Yours in sewing,



Trish Lawlor


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